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We know things that other Realtors do not know!


Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert


Average Realtor

* 6 months of classroom training and mentoring with Family Law Attorneys, a Family Law Judge and a Divorce Real Estate Expert

* Systems and Procedures in place to keep us unbiased and a neutral 3rd party

* We understand how the court orders work handed down by the judge

*Prepared to be an Expert Witness in the court if needed

*Only allowed to sell the home. No double dipping on the other side as  not to spend too much time with one party over the other.

*Adhere to an even higher Code of Ethics than the National Association of Realtors 

* We take care of the real estate emergencies without typically having to involved the attorneys. Saving the attorneys time and you money.

Marble Surface

Divorcing a Narcissist

Being married to a narcissist can present challenges. Getting divorced from one? That raises things up to an even higher level! Spouses...

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Testimonials from Clients

Vernon, Charlotte NC

I worked with Karyn to sell a home going thru a divorce with zero back and forth communication  between the 2 parties. Karyn navigated this tricky  situation like the professional she is and made what could have been a difficult  situation amazinly easy. Beyond that, her expertise in the  industry and market knowledge gave us a leg up by having the opinions and experience of an expert in her field.  

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